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Windows bring the outside world into the living and working spaces of a building. They affect both the physical and this psychological well-being of the building occupants. Hence proper planning for the use of windows is a matter of major importance in the design of modern buildings. Windows must be selected, installed and used in a way that will ensure effective and efficient performance. Windows, which are underdesigned structurally and/or are improperly, installed can be the major cause of window performance failure. Aluminum windows and doors are generally used in residential, commercial and monumental types of buildings. These include schools, hospitals, institutions, government buildings, low-rise and high-rise office buildings and domestic dwellings. Aluminum windows and doors have high performance standards, are ruggedly built have long life expectancy and require little maintenance. They provide the aesthetic appearance so essential to architect-specified designs.

NuKlip is the brand name given to a range of extruded aluminium profiles providing solutions for architects. Manufactured by almin metal industries in Harare 9001:2000 quality standard, NuKlip applications can be used in residential, commercial and retail developments.

Advantages of NuKlip
The NuKlip system is sufficiently versatile to suit almost any application.

NuKlip is easy to fabricate and install. The system provides for structural stiffness, wind loading, water penetration, low maintenance and corrosion resistance.
Shower cubicles, partitioning, ceiling sections and trunking.

Care & Maintenance of Powder Coated and Anodised Surfaces
To realise the full potential from powder coated and anodised aluminium, ongoing maintenance procedures should be followed.  The effects of ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, general dirt and grime and airborne salt deposits can all accumulate over time, and for this reason, accumulated deposits must be removed at regular intervals.  As a general rule, powder coated surfaces should be cleaned every six months.  In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, or in exposed coastal areas, (e.g., industrial, geothermal areas and beach-front houses) a more frequent cleaning programme should be carried out, e.g., every three months.

When cleaning, use dilute solution of mild, neutral liquid detergent, e.g., dish washing detergent, and warm water (400 C) and a soft, lint free cloth or brush.  Do not use abrasive cleaning tools such as steel wool, hard brushes, abrasive scourers, etc., as these may damage the coating surface, and change the colour or gloss levels of the finish.  Rinse suds off thoroughly with fresh water, and dry with a clean cloth.

It is vital that any other chemicals such as petrol, strong alkalines or acids are NOT used on any powder coated surface.

Touch-up:  (for powder coated surfaces only)
Aerosol and dab stick applicators for unintentional chips or dents are available from Orica Powder Coatings in most stock colours.   It is recommended however that the use of these products be restricted to minor areas and only for cosmetic improvement.

Irrigal is the name given to a system of aluminium irrigation tubing and accessories manufactured by almin metal industries. For over thirty years Irrigal has proven itself in the field as an effective solution for a range of irrigation applications.

Irrigal may be use d for:

  • Maize,
  • tobacco,
  • horticulture,
  • paprika,
  • Soya beans-in fact almost anything

What makes Irrigal unique?

One of the greatest advantages of Irrigal is that it can be used anywhere
and is not confined to flat topographical locations. it  can be used easily be deployed on sloping fields where center pivot systems are unable to operate.

Ease handling
Irrigal is lighter than steel but has the same tensile characteristics, simplying ease of handling and assembly with resultant savings on labour and time.

Non-corrosive and UV resistant
Aluminium is corrosion resistant and is unaffected by levels of ultra violet penetration because of this , Irrigal never loses its intrinsic value and is therefore the lowest life-cycle cost solution to irrigation investment.

Smooth bore increases efficiency
Irrigal tubing’s natural smoothness maintains pumping efficiency.

Low maintenance
Irrigal tubing may be repaired in the field without incurring heavy costs. By using modern adhesives or T.I.G. welding, farmers can carry out repairs on the spot.

Irrigation Tube
Because every farm is different, because every crop has special requirements, Irrigal is available in standard lengths of 6 metres and 9 metres with respective outside diameters and wall thicknesses.

  • 8mm x 1.22mm
  • 8rnm x 1.27mm
  • 2mm x 1.27mm
  • 6mm x 1.27mm
  • 4mm x 1.70mm


The Irrigal range includes a variety of fittings;

  • Weld-on mainline coupling (51mm to 152mm)
  • Press-in mainline coupling (51mm to 152mm)
  • Press-in female riser coupling
  • Weld-on riser coupling
  • Weld-on riser assembly (32mm to 102mm)
  • ‘D’ type saddle riser
  • Reversible field bends
  • Valve control elbow
  • Valve elbow
  • Valve tops
  • End plugs
  • Priming pumps
  • Sockets
  • Reducing cones

These are aluminium profiles/sections for use in general engineering applications such as:

  • electrical
  • transport
  • advertising
  • mining
  • ship building
  • offices and buildings
  • construction in general

Product Range

  • angles
  • flat bars
  • hollow square and round tubes
  • H- sections
  • ladder sections
  • Glazing bead
  • T- section
  • U- channel
  • Carpet die
  • Curtain track

All the products come in different sizes and thickness ant their length ranges between 5metres and 7metres depending on the product

  • Almin has an in-house tactical unit that is capable of providing end to end cost effective solutions in the fabrication and installation of aluminium windows, doors, shop fronts, showers, glazing, but this is no means our comprehensive list. Almin Shopfitters offer the best quality at very competitive prices.
  • We offer our customers a one-stop solution; not just profiles, not glass, not iron mongery but installed windows and doors.
  • We have the flexibility of a manufacturing process that enables the client to have the particular style of product, and finish/colour, to suit their property and budget. A large percentage of the products we manufacture are architect and or owner specification and design.